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Newtown Primary School

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Newtown Primary School, a non-denominational school situated in the Scottish Borders. Our website is a source of reference for all parents and carers, children and anyone connected with the school. It provides information which we hope you will find helpful, including our aims, our curriculum and details of the day-to-day running of the school.,

Our vision is to Believe and we can Achieve. We promote our values of being Ready, Respectful and Safe.

As a Rights Respecting School we have an ethos of mutual respect where pupils feel safe, happy and are motivated to learn. We have a dedicated and hardworking staff team who create a safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment within our school building and surroundings.

Newtown Primary School is a happy school, very much at the heart of the community, providing education from Early Learning and Child Care 3 (3 year olds) to Primary 7. You may be assured that we will do everything possible to make your child’s time here an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We hope your association with the school will be positive, where we work together for the good of your child

Kind Regards

Ross Maunder


Believe and you can Achieve

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